How to free up your real-time teams by up to 90%

Welcome to Dear Dave, our video series showcasing how Intraday Automation can transform your contact centre!

In this episode, our Solution Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can reduce manual processes and free up your real-time teams to focus on more valuable activities.

Real-time analysts are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable people within the contact centre. They’re the ones who make the plan and the reality of the day mesh together, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

The key is to make sure these skills are being used to get the best possible result for customers, colleagues and the company. But this isn’t without its challenges:

  • We all know that an unnecessary amount of the real-time team’s capacity is taken up by manual, process-driven tasks
  • This eats into time that could be used on more valuable activities – such as providing analysis that could transform day-to-day activities within the business.

Just think what real-time teams could achieve if some of these manual tasks were removed altogether!

In the latest episode of Dear Dave  – our video series showcasing how Intraday Automation can transform your contact centre – our Solutions Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can free up your real-time teams by 90% and give them the freedom to focus on more value-add analysis.

Answers in seconds

With QStory, agents have access to our free smartphone app which allows them to view their schedules, swap shifts, request time off and more.

Agents can request a holiday and be told whether it’s been approved or declined in less than 90 seconds. Similarly, they can request to move a break, and provided it fits within the criteria set by your business, it’ll be processed there and then.

With QStory, there’s no lengthy approval processes and no need to involve the real-time team – making it a fair, consistent and automatic solution.

Seamless schedule updates  

When facing busy or quiet periods, real-time teams need to be able to react quickly – to either maintain service levels or take advantage of idle time by scheduling training. QStory makes this possible by identifying and recommending redeployments that can be made before automatically updating the schedule.

Team Leaders can also book offline time for themselves using QStory’s Team Leader Portal. While the Planning Team retains control over the plan, there’s no need to manually update it.

Automatically generated reporting   

Nobody wants to spend time wrestling with databases and spreadsheets, and thanks to QStory’s automatically generated reporting tool, you don’t have to. Why Detector offers deep-dive insight at your fingertips, without all of the data mining from different systems that is normally required.

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