How to get an accurate view of the on-the-day plan in your contact centre

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In this episode, our Solution Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can ensure that you’re always looking at the most up-to-date version of your plan.

Planners start their day by looking at supply and demand levels to get a feel for where the peaks and troughs are and what sort of day they’re going to have.

But then a couple of agents call in sick and someone else is running late. The day’s already in motion which makes it difficult to amend schedules there and then. Suddenly, the view in the WFM system when the day began is skewed, and it’s easy for things to snowball from there.

  • As the view becomes more approximate, it gets harder to make the right decisions – on whether to allow some offline time or agree a short notice holiday request, for example.
  • Planners then start relying on guesswork, which means there’s a risk that service levels and the customer experience may suffer.

Just think how much easier the day would be if you could adjust the schedule for staff lateness and absenteeism immediately, in just a few clicks.

Immediate updates     

Using the QStory Smartphone App, agents can tell you if they’re going to be off sick and their schedule – and the overall plan for the day – is immediately updated with an appropriate code. The same happens if agents need to let you know they’re running late. No manual processes. No need for agents to pick up the phone. Whatever the day throws at you, the plan is automatically adjusted and you’re still on track.

Removing the guesswork  

It’s this immediacy that gives Real Time Analysts, Team Leaders and Operational Managers an up-to-date view of demand vs supply. This removes any uncertainty and means you can feel 100% confident that you’re making decisions based on real-time data, not gut-feel.

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