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We are the pioneers of Intraday Automation. We transform contact centres in ways that no-one else can.

We exist to create a better everyday life for customer service professionals by helping them to work in a happier, more empowering and productive environment.

QStory – Powering a better everyday

Our Accreditations and Awards

In order to help you bridge the gap between scheduled efficiency and real productivity, we need access to your data – information like live call volumes and staffing requirements. To keep it safe, we’re certified by the most senior security bodies working in data protection today. It’s just one of the many unique benefits of adopting our Intraday Automation platform.

Another is that our work has been recognised by some of the world’s most respected industry analysts and research firms. We’re incredibly proud of the awards we’ve received, and they confirm that we’re well on our way to achieving our mission: to improve the everyday lives of customer service professionals by helping contact centres become happier, more engaging, and more productive places to work.

Certified Carbon Neutral Business

When we first built QStory, our vision was to pave the way for a better future for contact centres and their employees. But that future can’t exist without real commitment to drastically reducing our carbon footprint. You’ll be pleased to know that QStory is a carbon neutral organisation – working in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our emissions. Learn more about the work they do here.

The international standard for information security – ISO/IEC 27001

The international standard for information security, ISO/IEC 27001 expects all data processing businesses to have an information security management system (ISMS). This accreditation not only confirms that we have one, but that it works to a high standard.

What’s more, we secured two additional annexes, ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC27018, to provide additional controls over our cloud security. The result is a watertight security network that works to keep your information safe.

Cyber Essentials

We’ve also sought accreditation with the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) government-backed scheme. Not only does this support our measures to protect your data, but the annual assessment ensures we’re regularly evaluating our processes.

For this certification, we were required to test our own vulnerabilities against five security controls. By doing so, we reduce the risk of being attacked by cyber criminals and further minimise your exposure.

Government Cloud (G-Cloud 13) Supplier

As G-Cloud 13 suppliers, we join the government’s approved list of cloud service providers. By removing the need for invitations to tender and requests for information, this makes it quicker and cheaper for public sector organisations to access our services than it would be to enter into an individual procurement contract. 

It’s now never been easier for these organisations to make their contact centres more efficient, reducing their operating costs and optimising agent schedules while maintaining service levels.

QStory has sought to address the concerns of customers amidst the rise in cyber crime across the world. Through our accreditations, we’ve done everything within our power to mitigate risk and provide better security for our network.

Deon van Rhyn

Head of Development at QStory

Technology Fast 50

To celebrate ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’, Deloitte have spent the last two decades championing brands who’ve created leading intellectual property. QStory has been recognised for doing just that, and revolutionising contact centres everywhere.

We believe Intraday Automation has the power to enhance well-being as well as optimise efficiency. Being featured in this list reinforces that belief and is proof of our clients’ appreciation for a technology that boosts engagement, retention and return on investment.

Best Practice Product Leader

An accolade created to recognise innovative businesses gaining market acceptance, the Best Practice Product Leader award further cements the value of our Intraday Automation – particularly the way it balances leadership, technology innovation and customer service.

Frost & Sullivan’s Global Practice Area Leader, Alexander Michael, says it best: “[QStory] ensures people and schedule efficiency, higher agent satisfaction, superior performance, better adherence to service level agreements, and, ultimately, improved customer satisfaction.”

There is huge potential globally for our technology, and the Deloitte’s Fast 50 ranking endorses our great market fit, highlights just how far we have grown in the industry and how much further we can go.

Paddy Coleman

Founder and CEO of QStory

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