QStory supports operations, planning and over 5,000 agents, across over 50 departments, at NatWest, one of the UK’s largest banks.

The Problem

NatWest had a vision to create a culture which empowered colleagues to deliver a better customer experience. They wanted to identify agents’ free time during their shift and redeploy it to more productive work, such as training and coaching.

They knew their rigid manual processes and communication methods were holding them back, and wanted to be more agile in reacting to changes in customer demand.

I might be able to see the opportunity without QStory but it doesn’t mean I can realise it.”

Phil Baker
Customer Experience Lead

QStory’s Impact

NatWest’s agents use the QStory app to have greater flexibility and autonomy, they now self-manage shift swaps, changes to schedules, overtime and holiday requests.

The Time Bank feature has allowed NatWest to track time owed to agents consistently and fairly, leading to huge increases in agent engagement. When a call runs a few minutes beyond the end of a shift, it’s automatically tracked and ‘banked’, and can be taken by the agent in the future at a time that is convenient for the business.

QStory now automatically finds pockets of available time and schedules e-learning and development sessions, notifying agents of the changes.

The Results


of available time is utilised each month for training and coaching


of agents use the app to make shift changes and check schedules


of manual effort is saved each month by automatically approving holiday requests


are banked and repaid to agents each month


adherence, up from 81%


made by agents to their schedules each month