How to know what happened yesterday – and why

Welcome to Dear Dave, our video series showcasing how Intraday Automation can transform your contact centre!

In this episode, our Solution Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can remove the manual gathering of data and get an accurate picture of what’s happening in your contact centre.

Many Real-time Analysts find themselves having to start the day super early, just so they have enough time to look back over what happened yesterday and present what’s in store for today.

A huge amount of manual work goes in to extracting the data and pulling it into a report all in time for the mid-morning review meeting. Planners can only look at so much data and it’s simply not realistic to manually provide a deep-dive analysis every 24 hours.

  • Planners are so consumed by the labour intensive process of collating and checking data, and producing reports, that there isn’t any time left to deliver true insight.
  • A situation occurs where you can see what happened – but don’t know why. For instance, noticing that the schedule adherence was above or below target is one thing, but did it lead to a dip in performance?

What’s needed is effortless insight, without the excessive legwork.

Insights at your fingertips      

With QStory’s Why Detector, planners gain access to meaningful insights that they can react to quickly. Updated every 15 minutes, the Why Detector automatically generates reports that not only tell you what is happening on the day in your contact centre, but the factors behind these changes too.

QStory's Why Detector

Real insights that drive real improvements     

The Why Detector works on your behalf, considering thousands of data points to analyse performance and identify reasons behind various performance levels. This means planners can drill down and find out what real issues they may be facing. Best of all, planners don’t have to wait until tomorrow to find out what’s happening now. It updates throughout the day, enabling them to get to the root of issues in flight and lessen their impact there and then.

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