How to boost agent engagement and wellbeing whilst improving your productivity

Welcome to Dear Dave, our video series showcasing how Intraday Automation can transform your contact centre.

In this episode, our Solution Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can achieve pain-free agent engagement without compromising on productivity.

A happy workforce forms the foundations of a successful contact centre.

Happy agents achieve better results, delivering friendly, energetic interactions that are essential to excellent customer experience (CX). These agents also tend to stay in their jobs longer and progress further – which fosters lower levels of attrition.

While more companies are trying to boost agent wellbeing and engagement within their contact centres today, doing this while maintaining a productive environment isn’t without its challenges:

  • Companies know that agents want flexibility and control over their work schedules – but they struggle to make more options available to their workforce because of the mountain of manual work that they bring
  • For companies that do try to offer greater flexibility, manually processing shift-swaps, annual leave and time off requests is a massive drain on productivity – for both planners and agents

The end result is a lose-lose situation, but it doesn’t have to be.

In the latest episode of Dear Dave, Solutions Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can foster a happy agent population and boost engagement while still maintaining productivity.

More autonomy for agents

With QStory, agents have access to our free smartphone app which allows them to view their schedules and the QStory Self-Service Portal.
Here, agents have the autonomy to change shifts, swap lunch breaks, request time off, flag lateness and absences, and more – all within the parameters set by the business. Using the portal, an agent can easily request changes to their schedule and alter it themselves to align with their own personal commitments.

These features empower agents with more control over their working day, helping businesses to more easily attract and retain talent by creating a better, more flexible place to work.

Less manual work

Unlike the lengthy, labour-intensive approval processes that agents previously had to complete, QStory automatically processes and approves requests within seconds, as well as making all of the necessary schedule updates – eliminating any manual work.

Agents can also view their performance against their KPI’s, complete surveys, schedule breaks after challenging calls, and more – all within the same app. With all of this available in just a matter of clicks – and without the need for excessive manual processes – this agent engagement can be achieved without sacrificing your productivity.

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