How to automatically manage TOIL and time owed balances

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In this episode, our Solution Consultant Dave Preece, explains how you can automatically manage TOIL and time owed balances – eliminating awkward conversations with managers and improving the agent experience.

Time off in lieu and time owed to the business – two challenging time banks for contact centre planners

It’s always a priority to ensure agents pay back any time owed due to lateness or early finishes. Equally, that agents who work beyond the end of their shifts – handling customer queries on calls that run over – are getting the time they’re owed paid back to them. Complex manual processes are needed to manage both, not only creating challenges for planners, but also a bad experience for agents.

  • While agents are expected to stick around on calls that extend past their shift, planners have no real mechanism in place to track what time is owed to them or ensure they are paid accordingly.
  • As a result, this imbalance fosters resentment and disengagement among the agent population.

In this episode, Dave demonstrates how your business can automatically manage both balances – and restore agents’ confidence that they will be treated and compensated fairly – using QStory.
Here’s a re-cap.

Making the most of time owed

Agents being late from time to time is inevitable.

QStory’s software enables you to automatically capture any time your agents owe to the business and add it to the appropriate time bank, for use at a later stage. If an agent is late, for example, you have the option of configuring QStory’s software to automatically add this time to the end of their shift.

This might not always be the most productive use of time owed, however – especially if your contact centre is overstaffed by the time your agent is due to wrap up. Luckily, QStory allows you to save that time for when it’s needed most, on days with busy service levels and staff shortfalls.

Quick, easy and automatically updated.

Within a matter of clicks, you can ask multiple agents to work back some of their time owed on days where you may be understaffed. If they are available and accept the request, their schedules are updated instantly – as well as yours – keeping everyone in the loop.

On the other side, when paying your agents back for time they are owed, selecting the ‘TOIL’ assignment code will present a green indicator of how many hours they have accrued. Simply select different intervals and click ‘apply’ to reward them with their TOIL, and the time bank balance is automatically updated. This eliminates the awkward conversations agents traditionally had to have with managers about TOIL – creating a better agent experience and making life easier for everyone in your contact centre.

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