How to book coaching and 1-2-1’s for your agents without impacting the customer

How to book coaching and 1-2-1’s for your agents without impacting the customer


Welcome to Dear Dave, our new video series showcasing how Intraday Automation can transform your contact centre.

In this second episode, our Solution Consultant, Dave Preece explains how you can schedule essential coaching and 1-2-1’s at the right time, without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Staff training and 1-2-1’s are essential in every contact centre.

Not only are they vital for an agent’s learning and development – they are also the backbone of good quality customer service (CX) which drives better results for your business.

However, serious challenges can arise for planners when trying to schedule these activities during busy periods:

  • When service levels are under pressure, these activities are the first to fall down the list of priorities – and are too often removed from the schedule altogether
  • For planners who prioritise training above all else, the customer experience can suffer as a result of longer wait times and other factors – making it near impossible to get the balance absolutely right

The end result is a lose-lose situation, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this episode, Dave demonstrates how planners can use QStory to make the most out of quiet periods and ensure agents are scheduled in for regulatory and product training – all without impacting the customer.

Here’s a re-cap.

More precision

Unlike other contact centre software, QStory is the only platform with a dedicated Team Leader portal, arming team leads with complete, up-to-the-minute visibility of their agents’ availability and scheduled tasks.

With all of this information in one, convenient place, team leaders can schedule important coaching and training within a matter of clicks – without impacting CX delivery.

Clear and simple

QStory’s software also displays everything leaders need to know about their teams, all in one place, with a user-friendly colour coded grid displayed on screen.

Here, team leaders can easily view quiet times throughout the day to schedule offline activities – represented by green squares on the timetable – as well as the worst times, represented by grey squares.

More Autonomy

When it comes to scheduling these offline activities at the best possible times – for both the business and the customer – team leaders can do this seamlessly, without referring to anyone else for permission.

All they have to do is select the green intervals and click ‘apply’ – making this process more seamless and autonomous than ever.

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