QStory Does What Your WFM Can’t

WFM is highly complex, factoring in multiple shifts, individual skills, customer demand patterns, labour laws and contingency for unforeseen circumstances.

The plan is as good as it can be. But when the day starts and you have actual customer demand and actual staff availability, that plan should be updated.

Action at the Speed of Light

WFMs are built for long-range plans. They can’t adapt quickly enough to daily changes.

Real-time teams have tried to solve this problem for decades. But manual adjustments are too slow to be effective.

QStory is purpose-built, highly automated, and AI-powered for rapid reactions to on-the-ground events.

Without automation, real-time management is impossible

Doesn’t My WFM Do This?

WFM vendors call their schedule adherence dashboards and reports ‘Intraday Management’. But information without action isn’t really ‘managing’ anything.

You need specialised tools for the task. Tools that haven’t been available – until now. QStory has finally solved the real-time problem with an automation platform that adjust schedules quickly, correctly, and safely.

WFM isn’t the problem, but it isn’t the solution either.