QStory awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Global Product Leadership Award

We are delighted that leading international industry analyst firm, Frost and Sullivan, has awarded QStory as the ‘Best Practice Product Leader’ in the European Intraday and Workforce Management market*.

Positioning true Intraday Automation as a market changing solution has been our mission from the time QStory was born. Ensuring that there is an increasing understanding in the market about the role it plays and how it sits beside WFM has been critical to our success.  Frost and Sullivan’s recognition of our place in the market and the important role that Intraday Automation plays in contact centres is hugely exciting for us. It marks a key moment in our history where, alongside our current customers, the wider market has a grip this accolade demonstrates to the industry how contact centres can now be managed, and what better places they are for everyone as a result.

Contact centres have relied on been obsessed with had WFM as the only solution to solve their scheduling headaches, and over and over again it has proved that it cannot, at least alone. As Alexander Michael, Global Practice Area Leader at Frost and Sullivan says in the report “QStory does not replace the WFM system. It is a wrap-around that addresses the significant WFM functionality gaps and complements the existing contact centre technology stack.”

Alexander goes onto say that “Frost and Sullivan is impressed by the simplicity of QStory’s mission and the straightforward benefits associated with it. QStory provides a structure that makes a contact centre the employer of choice, with attractive career prospects for a new breed of cross-skilled, dedicated, empathetic ‘super-agents’, who are key to effective CX delivery in the future.”   

If we could have written a summary of the impact we can make in contact centres, Alexander’s is pretty close! Intraday Automation helps transform contact centre environments into productive, efficient and flexible places to work; turning on its head the current perception and, in many cases, reality of working in contact centres. 

We are hugely proud of this achievement. Frost & Sullivan recognising the great work the team here at QStory have achieved and the fantastic, game-changing solution we offer marks a step change in our mission.

Since QStory was founded in 2014, we have been finding new ways to make contact centres better places to work; to allow managers to make informed decisions on an hour-by-hour basis (rather than based on a schedule produced six weeks in advance); and to help contact centres attract and retain the best talent in an increasingly complex and competitive market.

The report can be downloaded here.

We’ll leave the final word to Frost & Sullivan.


*For the Product Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated the criteria listed below:

Product Portfolio Attributes

Match to Needs – Customer needs directly influence and inspire the product portfolio’s design and positioning

Reliability and Quality – Products consistently meet or exceed customer expectations for performance and length of service

Product/Service Value – Products or services offer the best value for the price compared to similar market offerings

Positioning – Products serve a unique, unmet need that competitors cannot easily replicate

Design – Products feature innovative designs, enhancing both visuals appeal and ease of use

Business Impact

Financial Performance – Strong overall financial performance is achieved in terms of revenues, revenue growth, operating margin, and other key financial metrics

Customer Acquisition – Customer-facing processes support efficient and consistent new customer acquisition while enhancing customer retention

Operational Efficiency – QStory staff performs assigned tasks productively, quickly, and to a high-quality standard

Growth Potential – Growth is fostered by a strong customer focus that strengthens the brand and reinforces customer loyalty

Human Capital – Commitment to quality and to customers characterise the QStory culture, which in turn enhances employee morale and retention



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