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Will I stay or will I go?

Independent research: How flexible working is changing contact centres

This white paper is based on independent research carried out by Davies Hickman, which surveyed advisors, agents and team leaders at 205 UK contact centres in August 2020. The research analyses what agents most enjoy and least enjoy about working at their contact centre, intentions and reasons around quitting, and key job retention factors.

The white paper concludes with a crucial insight in to the single most important success factor in agent job retention, which every contact centre manager should be aware of.

White paper content sections:

  • Introduction
  • Executive summary
  • What do agents most enjoy about working for their contact centre?
  • What do agents dislike about working for their contact centre?
  • Are agents thinking of leaving?
  • Why do agents leave their job in the contact centre?
  • What would make them stay?
  • Recommendations
  • Methodology

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