Agent self-service

Your agents want to feel empowered, yet are undermined by lengthy approval processes for the most minor of request.

With smart, automated integration in to Workforce Management (WFM) and other systems, agents can manage their work and availability in real-time while overall contact centre performance is maintained.

Automated flexibility

Staff are able to book time off or alter their hours and breaks around personal commitments. Staff can obtain realtime, automatic approval, with QStory ensuring there is no overall impact on contact centre performance.

Less admin work

Thousands of requests per hour are handled, including paid overtime, sickness and lateness. Less admin work for supervisors, managers and shared services, more satisfaction and appreciation from all employees.

Immediate, anywhere

Available as a simple, intuitive app on Android and Apple smartphones, as well as being accessible on desktops via the browser. Your team get instant approval 24/7/365, without bias or delay.

We ask colleagues to change their schedules about 200 times a week. But we locked down any requests weeks before ‘go live’. With the QStory app and the team leaders’ screens, we can now be as flexible as we ask our agents to be.

Dan Nicholls

L&D Manager

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