Productivity Without Sweating Agents

WFM is great at creating the best possible plan. But when the facts change, the schedule should too.

QStory uses live customer contact volumes with actual staffing levels – acting fast to adjust the schedule, hitting SLAs and unlocking extra capacity along the way.

Maximum Satisfaction, Minimum Cost

Your Shrinkage

Fewer agents achieve more with intelligently adapted schedules.

QStory automatically moves people to busier queues and reschedules offline work to periods of spare capacity.

Nail It
on the First Call

With more training and development, your agents become superagents.

Now they can expertly resolve customer queries first time.

Make the Most of
Your Team’s Talents

Let your analysts and team leaders focus on what they do best.

Release your team members from manual processes and admin.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking


NatWest schedule 3,000 hours of additional training per month

30 hrs

Jet2 save 30 hours per month on reporting


Nationwide automatically approves 8,000 shift and break moves every month