Fuelling Contact Centre Performance

Using thousands of algorithms and millions of calculations a minute, QStory’s platform makes decisions faster than any human ever could – continually re-forecasting and adapting schedules before rolling out the changes. All so that you can make the best use of your agents’ time.

Predicting the Future

Our Heads-Up Display (HUD) gives live visibility into staffing imbalances throughout the day. But it also goes one step further. You get data-driven recommendations of when to reschedule offline activities or redeploy agents to mitigate service level threats and make better use of available time.

Your planning team can stay in the driving seat, reviewing recommendations before automatically executing them. Or set it to Auto Pilot, you can pre-approve changes that you always want to accept.

Make the Most of Every Day

Work-Life Balance,

Our agent app empowers your employees – giving them control of their day. They can easily request time off, accept overtime opportunities and alert their manager if they’re going to be absent or late.

And with Agent Flex, they can even move part, or all, of a shift to a different time – providing there’s no impact to service levels.

Swap Busywork
for Breakthroughs

Reclaim your day from low-level admin.

QStory’s AI takes care of holiday approvals and absence management. It also handles time banking and TOIL – no more awkward conversations about minutes owed.

Turn Data
into Action

You want to act on insights, not compile data.

That’s why QStory comes with over 50 standard reports and dashboards (out of the box). Everything in one place, including attendance reporting, time allocation and adherence to name a few.

What’s more, the Why Detector compiles multiple data sources to provide root cause analysis for performance issues.

Give Your Managers
New Perspective

It’s not just operations and planning teams that benefit from QStory, but team leaders too. They can manage without constantly monitoring agents, as QStory’s reports and notifications make adherence and performance issues easy to spot and act upon.

Team leaders can also conveniently book coaching sessions, knowing that the platform only offers slots that will not impact service levels.

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