The Tools You Need
to Make a Difference

Contact centre planning is a balancing act. Managing customer demand and agent supply, reacting to events as they happen, maintaining service levels – all while keeping cost to serve and shrinkage in check.

Secret Weapon

QStory is always on. The hundreds of algorithms continually re-forecast based on the latest information.

You can then schedule offline work during quiet periods (think 121s and regulatory training), and automatically move agents between queues when demand is high. Shrinkage costs and admin goes down, schedule fit and agent experience goes up.

Acting Fast to
Make an Impact

QStory’s AI continually assesses data, making rapid calculations and automatically rolling out updates – all while keeping other systems up to date.

Not Surviving

QStory doesn’t just react to events as they unfold to make the most efficient use of your contact centre resources. It also ensures you meet compliance training requirements, frees up time for meaningful tasks and improves adherence. Nudges can notify out-of-adherence agents and check that they have everything they need to work effectively.

QStory gives you freedom to focus on performance