QStory Recognised Among UK’s Top 500 in UKII Intelligence Report

We are proud to announce that QStory is one of the top 500 innovative companies featured in the UK Innovation Industries (UKII) Intelligence Report, which launched today.

Supported by Verizon Business, the UKII Intelligence Report spotlights pioneering UK-based organizations across 30 different sectors, all of which share one mission: innovation for a better, brighter future. The report aims to raise visibility of the talent and future potential of the UK industry.

In the press release for the launch of the UKII Report, Tony Judd, Senior Director of Enterprise UKI at Verizon, was quoted saying: “All the companies listed in the UKII have showcased true vision and are inspiring examples of what innovative companies can achieve. We hope this innovation index encourages curiosity, conversation and collaboration – and helps UK industry become the innovation powerhouse it has the potential to be.”

Innovation with QStory

Our mission at QStory is to make a ‘better everyday’ for all staff working in customer service operations roles. Our platform enables businesses to unlock value from inefficiencies in resource planning for customer service while simultaneously improving employee satisfaction.

Traditional models manage staffing levels based on pre-planned shift rotations, which are always a compromise to fit forecast demand while managing the employee experience, Meanwhile our AI-powered solution looks across both your planned and actual available resources and demand, and identifies areas of inefficiency. The platform then provides recommendations to allow you to use this time to both improve efficiency and to empower teammates with more autonomy over their everyday. Staff in contact centres powered by QStory can now flex their own working patterns, move shifts, take breaks, choose their own training, and are completely empowered within guardrails that ensure the delivery of outstanding service.

Our solution drives performance for clients including NatWest, Nationwide, Jet2, and Vivint, increasing their productivity and reducing operating costs, all whilst enhancing staff wellbeing and delivering better customer experience (CX).

To learn more about our platform and its potential for redefining the contact center schedule, contact

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