This shows how IDA fits alongside WFM to complete the loop

What is Intraday Automation?

Well it’s NOT forecasting, and it’s NOT scheduling, so if it isn’t Workforce Management (WFM) what is it? The best way to describe Intraday Automation (IDA) is to say “its the link between an efficient schedule and a productive reality”.

The missing link between plans and reality

Current planning processes make contact centre staff available. In an ever-changing world, QStory is the missing link between these plans and efficient reality.

QStory’s Intraday Automation platform manages contact centre resources in real-time, driving efficiency, a happier workforce and better customer experience.

Real-time data meets smart automation

QStory’s algorithms predict when there will be risks to service levels, increasing abandoned calls and long wait times, and when there will be quiet times and agents have little or no work to do. We then do all the calculation and analysis to recommend improvements to the real time teams.

Automated time and resource management

Whereas Workforce Management (WFM) schedules people to be available for customers, Intraday Automation tracks which people have turned up to work, and how many customers are looking for service, in real-time.

Automation is essential for intraday management. Intraday Automation empowers real-time teams to proactively manage the flux in supply and demand of available time, ensuring the best use of people’s time at the end of the day.

QStory has removed the rigmarole of keying in absence information into our WFM System. The real time analysts are now freed up to tackle real time issues rather than being over consumed with admin tasks.

Craig Lee

Former Planning Manager

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