Actionable insight

No one needs yet more data. QStory provides a natural language, automatic report generator which produces detailed, insightful reporting to shine a light on not only what happened, but also why it happened.

Uncover the ‘why’

After every interval of the day QStory’s powerful algorithms go to work on analysing performance. This analysis reveals the reasons behind poor Service Level performance and/or high contact abandon rates. Whether it is a short-staffed schedule, high levels of shrinkage, higher-than-forecasted workload or agents not sticking to their scheduled tasks, QStory will show exactly why performance was impacted.

Smart, detailed analysis

QStory’s reporting suite is comprehensive. It eliminates the time spent downloading, analysing and formatting data, freeing up people to add value to the information, rather than manipulating data.

No-nonsense reports

Non-technical people and new team members understand the reports easily, helping to upskill staff more quickly and allowing stakeholders to understand more easily what is happening in the contact centre.

QStory is a revelation which helps us understand quickly and easily, what happened and why, what’s happening and how we can optimise the day for a better plan. Day-to-day operations are easier, saving time and money. It helps frontline colleagues take control of their working lives. Easily the best tech innovation during my time in the contact centre.

Operations Manager

Banking & Finance Industry

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